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To everybody overseas!【Spice Journal】

The Spice Journal flies away from a small island!

People who live in other countries, join us!

Welcome!  This book is all about all kinds of spice. 
People and tastes are directed by spice. 
This is our policy.  "We are led with the spice."
Another key part of this magazine- it's bilingual!

We live on a small island.  Let's cross the ocean.
People who live in other countries, join us!
Japanese vs English- it might be fun!

We were waiting for you!
Let's enjoy the world of spice together.
Bilingual version.

●Contents of vol.02 (Issue at the end of July, maybe!)

1.Special project [Basis of spice dish that exceeds border]
2.Cooking with spice [Detailed recipe]
3.Adventure Report vol.3 [Evening in Chennai]
4.「Yoga is a spice of the mind」
5. Chemical analysis of spice with university in Japan [Voyage into spice]
6.Hot Portrait vol.3 [Spice in Japan spirit]

●How to secure your copy

Annual Subscription Package (ver.2010)
(inclusive of tax and delivery).
Four quarterly editions (April, July, October and January). 
Two editions include club-THALI original curry powder. 

☆Example of plan

Price and System in Japan
Annual subscription: ¥2000(However, for cash. It changes for other methods.)
*Includes club-THALI original blend spice, quarterly editions, tax and delivery. 

Please include Country where you live, your name, address,
number of copies required and contact details.
Next, we will offer details. It is about various prices
(The carriage is different.  The price is different in the country)
and the best payment methods. And, when paying, your copy will be delivered.


Spice Journal website if you can read Japanese.

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